Hi! I’m JD, the artist behind the flame.

Hi, my name is JD Bumgarner and I have Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability, but that has not stopped me from finding my passion, which is being creative. Even when I was little, I would help my dad put things together without having to look at the directions, which is a good thing since I have trouble reading. School and learning, especially math, reading and writing have always been hard for me because of my Cerebral Palsy, which is a brain injury. Cerebral Palsy, because it is a brain injury, makes it harder for me to process information quickly, which is why my favorite types of classes have always been art classes, where I get to use my creativity. I enjoy finding new ways of being creative and was excited to discover welding.

How my journey started

My parents bought me a welder and welding equipment for Christmas, which I started to use right away. Once Covid 19 hit and schools were canceled, I started welding even more. I took one of my first pieces, the “Iron Indian”, to the high school art show at Arts on Grand and it won the Curator’s Choice Award and was the first piece of art that I sold. I am blessed to have supportive parents who encourage and help me use my creativity.

I came to live with my Mom and Dad when I was 27 months old as part of the foster care system. My biological sister, Chloe and I were adopted by them a few years later. I also have a younger brother, Nate and two beagles at home. My entire family enjoys helping me with my welding. My Mom created a Facebook page called JD’s Creations and posts and sells my pieces there. Both my Mom and Dad help me polish and clean the pieces of junk before and after I weld them. I’ve even taught my Mom, younger sister and brother to weld. I really enjoy working with my family on my different projects – it has brought us all closer together. I am very blessed and thankful that I get to do what I love.

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