Christmas Decorating at our house

Dec 3, 2021

We love Christmas time at our house, but not all the work that comes with it. Decorating the house takes time and effort, so we all try to help. We do like opening up the totes and rediscovering some of the forgotten pieces, especially the metal art Christmas decorations and the Sunday School crafts. As we sift through the totes and remember who made what, we laugh and smile at the memories that come with each work of art.
It also reminds us, mostly my Mom, that we need to slow down during the busy Holiday Season and take time to have fun, enjoy those around us and to keep making new memories together. We always try to find time to watch one of our favorite Christmas movies, Chevy Chase’s “Christmas Vacation”.  My family hopes you can find fun, joy, creativity and time to reflect during this busy Christmas Season. (Written by JD’s Mom)